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O2 Movie Review: Lady Superstar Nayanthara is known for lady-oriented movies as she has done many female-centric films now she entered into digital space and her latest flick called O2 series has released today June 17, 2022, on Disney+Hotstar with Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam audios, the trailer has raised the expectations so without any delay lets get to know whether the series is worth watching or not.

O2 Movie Review


Veera(Rithvik) who can’t breathe normally as we do as his mother tried a lot for his treatment and a doctor told her that he can get treatment in Cochi as she decided to go to Cochi from Coimboter at night, unfortunately, that night has changed her life, where the bus goes missing and polices are starts finding the bus, finally, what happened to that bus is the rest of the tale.

Cast & Crew

O2, a film starring Nayanthara, Ritvik, and others, was directed by GS Viknesh, with cinematography by Thamizh A Azhagan, music by Vishal Chandrasekar, and production by SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu under the name of Dream Warrior Pictures. The film was funded by Disney + Hotstar.

Movie Name O2
OTT Platform Disney + Hotstar
OTT Release Date June 17, 2022
Theatrical Release Date NA
Director GS Viknesh
Starring Nayanthara, Ritvik
Language Tamil
Film Industry Kollywood

Movie Verdict

O2 is an emotional thriller as the point looks so exciting and also makers have partially succeded in making the film, the film starts off quite normal with introducing Nayantahra’a world and his son’s problem as the film is linear narration I found it that was a drawback for the film, the film gets bored in starting but once the bus went missing the films gets interesting.

The bus sequences are designed so well as they hooked the audience to watch the film because initially, the conflict looks normal but it slowly turned out to be an imaginable conflict, in the procedings the passengers start suffering from Oxegen, and eventually they start killing each other for survival and those scenes came out quite well but if we look at whole movie its ended with a norma thriller.

The emotions have worked quite well and Nayanthara, as usual, did a fantastic job as she brilliantly showcased the struggle and suffering of a mother for her son, and the rest of the cast did their best.

GS Viknesh has succeeded in engaging the audience from start to end we can see his finest writing in the film and he has written some brilliant scenes that can bring out the emotions so well as all the aspects land well but still we feel something is missing. despite the fact the Bus sequence is one the best sequence because there are two emotions we get to see on is thrilling passengers are fights to survive and another one is mother emotion as she tries to save her son and both emotions land well.

Technically O2 is just okay the VFX could have been better, Thamizh A Azhagan’s cinematography is not up to the mark, survival thrillers need more dark visuals, then only it creates some interest watch the film and Vishal Chandrasekar has done a decent job by creating a thrilling background score and rest of the technical departments did well.

Finally, O2 is a decent survival thriller to watch, and the film currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

Rating: 3/5

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