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Puli Meka Review: After the entry of OTT platforms, it has been helpful for many fade out actors in all languages to appear in the web series and OTT original movies that have become a routine on many of the platforms. Actor Aadi Saikumar, who has been releasing movies one after the other without much gap between each film is now entering into OTT with the series named “Puli Meka.”

“Puli Meka” series also stars actress Lavanya Tripathi as a female lead, who has disappeared on big screen after “Happy Birthday.” This series is available for streaming on Zee5 OTT platform from today. Let us get into the detailed review of this series to know if Aadi Saikumar is able to receive success at least on the digital platform.

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A gruesome murder in the city alarms the police department. But they find no clues about the murderer. As the pressure builds on the police department, they handover the case to Kiran Prabha, who is an expert in solving such cases. She teams up with Prabhakar Sharma, a forensic expert to investigate the case. Rest of the story is all about the tricks implemented by the police department to nab the killer with few twist and turns.

Cast & Crew

Puli Meka stars Aadi Sai Kumar in the lead role, while Lavanya Tripathi is seen as a female lead. Actors Suman, Goparaju Ramana, Raja Chembolu, Siri Hanumanthu, Sai Srinivas, Spandhana Palli are seen in other prominent roles from the series.

Puli Meka Series is written by Kona Venkat, Venkatesh Kilaru and directed by Chakravarthy Reddy. This series is produced by Kona Venkat and Shravya Kona. Music of this series is composed by Praveen Lakkaraju and cinematography is handled by Ram K Mahesh. Editing of this series is taken care by Chota K Prasad.

Series NamePuli Meka
DirectorChakravarthy Reddy
Music DirectorPraveen Lakkaraju
ProducerKona Venkat and Shravya Kona
CastAadi Sai Kumar, Lavanya Tripathi, Suman, Goparaju Ramana, Raja Chembolu, Siri Hanumanthu, Sai Srinivas, Spandhana Palli
Cinematography Ram K Mahesh


We have seen many thriller movies in the past that has a plot of serial murders investigation. Watching a 2 hours thriller movie always feels exciting, as we anticipate the revelations step by step. But we expect some thrilling moments in the movie and a engaging backstory for the killer that made him/her targeting the people. Puli Meka misses that thrill and engaging backstory.

Puli Meka has characters similar to that of “Anjaam Pathiraa” and “Forensic” movies in Malayalam. Not just the characters, but many scenes will definitely remind us of few movies we have watched earlier in different languages. There are definitely few scenes in the series that raises our anticipation, but fails to maintain the same thrill later. Few twists and turns in the finals episodes are not so exciting.

While it comes to performances, Aadi Saikumar doesn’t suit the role of a forensic expert and his performance is very weak in the series. Lavanya Tripathi is a complete misfit for the role of a cop and her performance is forgettable. Suman and Gopraju Ramana were decent in their roles. Siri Hanumanthu is not that impressive. All other actors did their part well as required for their characters.

Technically Puli Meka series looks okay. Background music composed by Praveen Lakkaraju will build the thrill in few scenes and it is one of the major highlights in the series. Cinematography by Ram K Mahesh is not up to the mark and visuals looks poor on screen. Story provided by Kona Venkat, Venkatesh Kilaru is very predictable with mix of scenes from many thriller movies. Production values are okay.

Director Chakravarthy Reddy tried to make the series look interesting, though the script provided to him was very weak. He definitely succeeded to some extent with his making.

Overall, Puli Meka is another thriller series that offers few twists and turns that will engage us till the last episode.

Plus Points:

  • Few twists
  • Background score

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Performances by lead cast

Rating: 2.75/5

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