Sabyasachi Mishra Hits and Flops Movies List

Sabyasachi Mishra Hits and Flops Movies List: Sabyasachi Mishra one of the finest actors in Ollywood was born on October 06, 1985, to Surendra Mishra who is a civil servant, and Sushma Mishra who is a writer. Sabyasachi Mishra speaks Telugu as well as he made his debut in Telugu with the film called Neerajanam which was released in 2017 and he immediately did another Telugu film called Sitaramula Kalyanam Chuthamu Rarandiw which was also released in 2017.

Sabyasachi Mishra Hits and Flops Movies List

Sabyasachi Mishra started his career with music videos and after many years he made his debut in Ollywood with the film called Pagala Premi which he got Odisha State Film Awards for best actor, from he did many films across the languages. However, here in this article, we listed out Sabyasachi Mishra’s hits and flops do check them out below.

Sabyasachi Mishra Hits and Flops Movies List

S.NO Movie Released Year Verdict
1 Pagala Premi 2007 Hit
2 Mu Sapanara Soudagar 2008 Average
3 To Bina Bhala Lagena 2008 Flop
4 Bande Utkala Janani 2008 Hit
5 Mate Ani Dela Lakhe Phaguna 2008 Average
6 Dhire Dhire Prema Hela 2009 Average
7 Pagala Karichi Paunji Tora 2009 Average
8 Kou Duniaru Asila Bandhu 2009 Hit
9 Tu Mori Pain 2009 Hit
10 Dream Girl 2009 Flop
11 Love Dot Com 2009 Hit
12 Prem Rogi (Guest appearance) 2009 Average
13 Tora Mora Jodi Sundara 2010 Flop
14 Megha Sabari Re Asiba Pheri 2010 Flop
15 Sasura Ghara Zindabad 2010 Hit
16 Dil Tate Deichi 2010 Hit
17 Aakhi Palakare Tu 2010 Average
18 Chatire Lekhichi Tori Naa 2011 Hit
19 Dosti 2011 Hit
20 Chandini, I Miss You 2011 Average
21 Kemiti E Bandhana 2012 Average
22 Emiti Bi Prema Hue 2012 Flop
23 Kebe Tume Nahan Kebe Mu Nahin 2012 Hit
24 Om Sai Ram 2012 Hit
25 Mu Eka Tumara 2013 Average
26 Smile Please 2014 Average
27 Pilata Bigidigala 2015 Average
28 Hela Mate Prema Jara 2016 Hit
29 Bye Bye Dubai 2016 Flop
30 Chhati Tale Ding Dong 2016 Flop
31 Neerajanam (Telugu) 2017 Average
32 Sitaramula Kalyanam Chuthamu Raarandi (Telugu) 2017 Hit
33 Sita Ramanka Bahaghara Kali Jugare 2017 Hit
34 Tokata Fasigala 2018 Average
35 4 Idiots 2018 Average
36 Abhimana 2019 Flop
37 Mall Mahu Jibana Mati 2019 Average
38 Raktomukhi Neela (Bengali) 2019 Average
39 Lucky Ra Lockdown Love Story 2022 Hit
40 Nadhir Dhinna (Tamil) 2022 Hit

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