Sasi Madanam Telugu Web Series Review

There is no need for any introduction for Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh. They have been entertaining through their YouTube videos over the years.

Now, the duo made an OTT debut with their Sasi Madanam series. The series is now streamin On ETV Win and let’s dive into the review.

The basic plot is Madhan (Pavan Sidhu) and Sasi (Soniya Singh) who have been in a relationship for a long time. One fine day, Sasi’s parents went to attend a marriage and Madhan came to Sasi’s home. A twist arises in the tale when their parents suddenly come home.

Sasi Madhanm’s biggest asset is Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh’s chemistry. Adding to it, the comedy worked out quite well.

Out of 6 episodes few episodes make us chuckle and the rest of the episode falls flat with forceful emotions and unwanted scenes.

Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh’s performance was very natural. Technically Sasi Madanam is good, Sinjith Yerramilli’s music is good and Rehan Shaik is decent.

Overall, Sasi Madanam is a one time watch for a few fun moments.

Bhargav Reddy

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