Top 5 Crime movies on Voot 2023 [Recently Updated]

Top 5 Crime movies on Voot 2023: There are a variety of film genres that appeal to a wide audience. In the past, the audience has been particularly interested in genres including humour, romance, horror, science fiction, action, adventure, thriller, and many more. Online portals featuring a wide variety of content, such as Netflix, Amazon, and Voot, are doing quite well with the general public. Voot is specifically a Viacom 18-founded subscription video-on-demand service in India.

In addition to Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, English, and Telugu, they also provide their services in other languages. Also, Voot offers several excellent crime films that you should watch. The top Crime movies on Voot are listed below.

Top 5 Crime movies on Voot 2023

S.NoMovie NameLanguageYear
1The Attacks of 26/11Hindi2013
2Ek AjnabeeHindi2005
4Bell BottomKannada2019

1- The Attacks of 26/11

Starring:  Sanjeev Jaiswal, Nana Patekar and others

Directed by: Ram Gopal Varma

IMDb: 6.9

Story: The 2008 Mumbai assaults inspired 26/11. The film depicts the horrible events of 26 November, when 9 trained terrorists took Mumbai captive for 60 hours. 12 coordinated shooting and bombing assaults in Mumbai on November 26–29, 2008, attracted international criticism. Ram Gopal Varma uses first-hand stories to illustrate one of India’s worst days. Nana Patekar plays real-life Rakesh Maria. Maria, the Joint Commissioner of Police, interrogated Ajmal Kasab, the sole survivor. Sanjeev Jaiswal plays Kasab, while Farzad Jehani, proprietor of the Leopold Café, plays himself.

2- Ek Ajnabee

Starring:  Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Perizaad Zorabian, and others

Directed by: Apoorva Lakhia

IMDb: 5.3

Story: A little girl’s smile forgives social pariah Suryaveer Singh (Amitabh Bachchan). Protecting the kid changes his luck. He’s alone. Kidnaps Anamika. Kidnappers shot Suryaveer. Anamika’s wealthy father Ravi (Vikram Chatwal) realizes money can’t save her. Her helpless mother Nikasha (Perizaad Zorabian) prays for an answer. Suryaveer alone can save her. He wisely gathers information and uncovers the scam. He distrusts newcomers. He tracks and survives with commando instincts. He’s heartbroken. Invincible.

3- Drishyam

Starring: Tom Bateman, Kenneth Branagh, and others

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh

IMDb: 6.3

Story: Orphan Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgn) abandoned school after 4th grade. He married Nandini (Shriya Saran) and has two children, Anju (Ishita Dutta) and Anu (Mrunal Jadhav). He only likes movies. He advises on filmmaking. Offender Sameer “Sam” Deshmukh (Rishabh Chaddha) is Meera’s son (Tabu). Sam sexually blackmails Anju. Nandini begs Sam to leave their family alone, but Sam won’t erase the film unless his sexual demand is granted. Anju throws a lead pipe at Sam to break the phone, killing him. The dishonest Sub-Inspector Laxmikant Gaitonde (Kamlesh Sawant), who hates Vijay, observes him throw away Sam’s automobile and the damaged cell phone. Next day, Vijay takes his family to Panjim for an Ashram, a movie, and a restaurant. Meera investigates.

4- Bell Bottom

Starring: Rishab Shetty, Hariprriya, Achyuth Kumar, Yogaraj Bhat, and others

Directed by: Jayatheertha

IMDb: 8.2

Story: Policeman Divakara (Rishab) wants to be a detective. To become a spy, he takes on a major case. He meets various oddball characters that make it difficult to solve the case. He falls in love with Kusuma (Haripriya), a bootlegger. Can Divakar solve it? Do he and Kusuma merge? The second-half suspense is revealed.

5- Kavaludaari

Starring:  Rishi, Anant Nag, Achyuth Kumar, Suman Ranganath, and others

Directed by: Hemanth Rao

IMDb: 7.9

Story: Two cops solve a 30-year-old crime in the film. 1970s murder opens the film. Later, the protagonist, a traffic cop, tries to move to the crime department. He finds an unsolved criminal case just as he gives up. He decides to unravel the riddle as a crime detective.

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