Top 5 Drama Movies On SunNXT (Recently Updated)

Top 5 Drama Movies On SunNXT: Best drama films are multifaceted. They can free you or reveal new facts. Best do both. Nonetheless, here are the 63 best streaming drama movies. From Black Swan, a gritty exploration of a ballet savant’s struggle with mental illness led beautifully by Natalie Portman, to Parasite, Bong Joon-phenomenal ho’s film that swept the 2019 Academy Awards by fusing comedy and horror in a stunning film about class warfare in South Korea, this list will make you laugh, cry, and think.

Check out our list of the best drama movies that can be streamed on Sun Nxt right now if you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for the best drama movies that are currently on Sun Nxt because there are a lot of drama movies that are now accessible to stream on Sun Nxt.

Top 5 Drama Movies On SunNXT

S.NoMovie NameLanguageYear
37G Rainbow ColonyTamil2004
5Panni KuttyTamil2022

1- 96

Starring: Trisha Krishnan, Vijay Sethupathi, and others

Directed by:  C. Premkumar

IMDb: 8.5

Story: After going back to the school he attended when he was younger in his birthplace, the photographer K. Ramachandran has feelings of melancholy. At a get-together with his old classmates, he runs with Janaki, the girl he had a crush on when they were kids.

2- Thangamagan

Starring: Dhanush, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Amy Jackson, and others

Directed by: Velraj

IMDb: 6.0

Story: Tamizh has a calm existence; he has a nice job and a lovely wife; nevertheless, all is shattered when his father commits himself; as a result, he attempts to discover the cause that prompted his father to kill himself in the first place.

3- 7G Rainbow Colony

Starring:  Ravi Krishna, Sonia Agarwal, and others

Directed by: Selvaraghavan

IMDb: 7.9

Story: Kadhir is a young person who does not live up to his potential and regularly lashes out in inappropriate ways in public. Anitha, a north Indian girl, enters into his neighbourhood, and he immediately falls head over heals in love with her. But, she continues to turn down his advances in their relationship.

4- Aramm

Starring: Nayanthara, Ramachandran Durairaj, Sunu Lakshmi, and others

Directed by: Gopi Nainar

IMDb: 7.7

Story: Once Dhanshika, a little girl from the hamlet, becomes stuck in a deep borewell, and the media focuses on Madhivadhani’s efforts to rescue her, the district collector is faced with a significant obstacle in her professional life.

5- Panni Kutty

Starring:  Yogi Babu, Karunakaran, Singampuli, Ramar, and others

Directed by: Anucharan Murugaiyan

IMDb: 5.4

Story: Utharavathi, who has had nothing but bad luck, listens to the advise of a seer and follows after Varahi, a piglet, along with his companions, in the hope that her luck may improve. At the same time, Thittani is obligated to protect Varahi so as not to endanger the wedding that is soon to take place.

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