Varun Sandesh Hits and Flops Movies List 

Varun Sandesh Hits and Flops Movies List: after which he went on to appear in films such as Kotha Bangaru Lokam 2008, Kurradu 2009, Yemaindi Ee Vela 2010, and D for Dopidi 2013 (2015). This year, Sandesh competed in the Telugu reality show Bigg Boss 3 and finished in fourth place. Through an online advertisement in 2007 and with no prior acting experience, Sandesh applied for auditions for Sekhar Kammula’s film, even though he was originally planning to go into medicine.
He was sent a script for a scene from a movie and told to act it out and send it back.

Varun Sandesh Hits and Flops Movies ListHe recorded and sent Kammula video clips of himself, and he was immediately cast as the lead in the film Happy Days. It won numerous awards, including six Filmfare Awards South and three Nandi Awards, with an ensemble cast that was almost entirely made up of newcomers.

Varun Sandesh Hits and Flops Movies List 

S.No Movie Name Release Year Verdict
1 Happy Days 2007 Blockbuster
2 Kotha Bangaru Lokam 2008 Blockbuster
3 Evaraina Epudaina 2009 Average
4 Kurradu 2009 Average
5 Maro Charitra 2010 Flop
6 Happy Happy Gaa 2010 Flop
7 Yemaindi Ee Vela 2010 Super Hit
8 Kudirithe Kappu Coffee 2011 Average
9 Brahmigadi Katha 2011 Flop
10 Priyudu 2011 Flop
11 Chammak Challo 2013 Average
12 Priyathama Neevachata Kushalama 2013 Flop
13 Saradaga Ammayitho 2013 Average
14 Abbai Class Ammai Mass 2013 Average
15 D for Dopidi 2013 Average
16 Nuvvala Nenila 2014 Hit
17 Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda 2014 Hit
18 Ee Varsham Sakshiga 2014 Average
19 Paddanandi Premalo Mari 2015 Flop
20 Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu 2015 Average
21 Lava Kusa 2015 Flop
22 Mister 420 2016 Flop
23 Nuvvu Thopu Raa 2019 Average
24 Induvadana 2022 Average

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