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ATM Series Review: Zee5 is trying to encourage new talent by offering them to make a web-series that will be streamed on their OTT platform. They have now come up with another series titled ‘ATM’ starring Bigg Boss fame VJ Sunny in the lead role and actor Subbaraju playing other important role. This series is available for streaming on Zee5 OTT from today. Let us get into the detailed review of this series, to know if the Bigg Boss winner is able to win the hearts of Telugu people once again with his performance in this series.

ATM Web Series Review


Four young people from the slums of Hyderabad who know how to survive on the streets do small crimes to make money. What happens when one of these schemes doesn’t work and they have to rob a bank’s cash van? The cat-and-mouse game begins, as their scam goes wrong and makes everyone’s lives miserable and sends them running for their lives.

Cast & Crew

‘ATM’ web series stars VJ Sunny in the lead role, while actor Subbaraju has played another important role in it. Actors like Prudhvi, Krishna Burugula, Ravi Raj, Roiel Shree, Divi Vadthya, Divyavani, Shafi, Harshini played other prominent roles in this series.

‘ATM’ series is directed by C Chandra Mohan with the story written by Harish Shankar S and produced by Harshith Reddy & Hanshitha on Dil Raju Productions. Music of this series is composed by Prashant R. Vihari  and cinematography is handled by Monic Kumar G. Editing of this series is taken care by Aswin S.

Series Name ATM
Director C Chandra Mohan
Music Director Prashant R. Vihari
Producer Harshith Reddy & Hanshitha
Genre Crime, Drama
Cast VJ Sunny, Subbaraju, Prudhvi, Krishna Burugula, Ravi Raj, Roiel Shree, Divi Vadthya, Divyavani, Shafi, Harshin
Cinematography Monic Kumar G

Series Verdict

While making a series, director will have the advantage to take enough time for the character establishments, as first episode in a series most likely ends just with the character introductions followed by some twist in the ending minutes. ‘ATM’ series never takes much time to establish the characters that actually makes us feel the emotion of character once we relate to it.

Series directly gets into the plot without much introduction and then drags with unnecessary scenes in other episodes. Even the main characters in the series doesn’t create any impact  through out the episodes, due to poor characterizations and their backstory doesn’t evoke any emotion, that actually makes these characters turn into thieves. Even the crimes they do are not showcased well and the investigation process makes us tired by the end of the series.

While it comes to acting performances, VJ Sunny expressions doesn’t impress at all and he needs to improve a lot more as an actor. Subbaraju is the only actor, who looks good on screen and performed well in the whole series. Divi Vadthya has nothing much to do and her expressions are not up to the mark. All other actors from hero’s gang are just okay. Shafi, Harshini, Divyavani and all other actors did their part as required for the roles.

Technically ATM series looks average. Background music composed by Prashant R. Vihari is apt for the genre and creates the required mood while watching. Cinematography by Monic Kumar G could have been better, but few scenes are very well shot in few episodes. Editing of this series could have been crispier, if some scenes are trimmed. Production values are okay.

Director Chandra Mohan tried to present a new kind of series in Telugu, where we see mostly comedy and love based stories. Though his intention was good, presentation failed. Story written by director Harish Shankar is not that new, which could be the reason for the director to stick to some routine scenes and unwanted drama added to it.

Overall, ATM series is an impressive crime drama that misses out on emotional connection, but entertains to some extent.

Plus Points:

  • Background Music
  • Few Investigation scenes

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay

Rating: 2.5/5

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