Dhananjay Hits and Flops Movies List

Dhananjay Hits and Flops Movies List: Indian actor, songwriter, and film producer Kalenahalli Adaviswamy Dhananjaya is better known by his stage name Daali. He is well recognised for his work in the Kannada film industry. In 2013, he made his first appearance on screen in the film Director’s Special, for which he later received the prize for best debut actor at the 3rd Annual SIIMA Awards. Through the film Badava Rascal, he transitioned into the role of producer. In 2022, he made his acting debut in the Telugu film “Pushpa,” which went on to become a commercial success, and he has since gotten many acting offers in other languages.

Dhananjay Hits and Flops Movies List

Dhananjay has appeared in more than 25 feature films in a lead role and as a guest appearance. He appeared in a negative role from the movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ in Telugu that has released in 2022, marking his debut in Telugu movies. Below are the list of hits and flops in his career.

Dhananjay Hits and Flops Movies List

SL NO Movie Release Year Verdict
1 Director’s Special 2013 Hit
2 Jayanagar 4th Block 2014 Hit
3 Rhaatee 2015 Hit
4 Boxer 2015 Average
5 Jessie 2016 Average
6 Badmaash 2016 Super Hit
7 Allama 2017 Hit
8 Eradane Sala 2017 Hit
9 Happy New Year 2017 Super Hit
10 Tagaru 2018 Blockbuster
11 Bhairava Geetha 2018 Hit
12 Yajamana 2019 Super Hit
13 Popcorn Monkey Tiger 2020 Hit
14 Pogaru 2021 Hit
15 Yuvarathnaa 2021 Super Hit
16 Salaga 2021 Hit
17 Rathnan Prapancha 2021 Flop
18 Pushpa: The Rise 2021 Super Hit
19 Badava Rascal 2021 Hit
20 Twenty One Hours 2022 Flop
21 Bairagee 2022 Average
22 Monsoon Raaga 2022 Average
23 Thothapuri 2022 Flop
24 Head Bush 2022 Average
25 Once Upon A Time in Jamaligudda 2022 Average

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