Jeet Hits and Flops Movies List Movies List

Jeet Hits and Flops Movies List: Jeet was born on November 30, 1978, in Kolkata and he predominantly works in Bengali films. Jeet is not only an actor as he produced a few films as well. Jeet is known for action films and he is one of the most handsome heroes in the Bengali film industry.

Jeet Hits and Flops Movies List Movies List

Jeet has more than 40 films and their flops, hits, and blockbusters, well here in this article we listed out Jeet’s hits and flops below.

Jeet Hits and Flops Movies List

S.NO Movie Name Year Verdict
1 Sathi 2002 Average
2 Asur 2020 Average
3 Manik 2005 Average
4 Shubhodrishti 2005 Average
5 The Royal Bengal Tiger 2014 Below Average
6 Bandhan 2004 Below Average
7 Game 2014 Below Average
8 Jor 2008 Flop
9 Nater Guru 2003 Below Average
10 Dui Prithibi 2010 Below Average
11 Saat Paake Bandha 2009 Below Average
12 Fighter 2011 Average
13 Josh 2010 Average
14 Shotru 2011 Average
15 Wanted 2010 Average
16 Abhimaan 2016 Average
17 Champion 2003 Flop
18 Boss 2013 Flop
19 100% Love 2012 Flop
20 Power 2016 Flop
21 Deewana 2013 Flop
22 Bachchan 2014 Flop
23 Awara 2012 Flop
2 Sultan The Saviour 2015 Flop
25 Sesh Theke Suru 2019 Flop
26 Panther 2019 Flop

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