Nirup Bhandari Hits and Flops Movies List

Nirup Bhandari Hits and Flops Movies List: Nirup Bhandari is a well-known Indian actor who primarily works in the film industry of Kannada. He made his acting debut in the 2015 film RangiTaranga, which was directed by his brother, Anup Bhandari, and received high praise both critically and commercially. His most recent film, “Vikrant Rona,” in which Kiccha Sudeepa plays the major part, has been met with an incredible amount of success in Kannada as well as in other languages. The performance that Nirup gives in this film has garnered a lot of accolades from many critics.

Nirup Bhandari Hits and Flops Movies List

Nirup Bhandari has appeared in just 5 feature films in a lead role as of now and appeared in a guest role in other movie titled ‘Amar’. He is yet to announce his next project in Kannada. Below are the list of hits and flops in his career.

Nikhil Gowda Hits and Flops Movies List

SL NO Movie Release Year Verdict
1 Rangi Taranga 2015 Super Hit
2 Raja Ratha 2018 Average
3 Aadi Lakshmi Puranaa 2019 Hit
4 Window Seat 2022 Flop
5 Vikrant Rona 2022 Super Hit

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