Sriimurali Hits and Flops Movies List

Sriimurali Hits and Flops Movies List: Murali Sriimurali is an Indian actor who is primarily active in the film industry of Kannada. He is often known simply as Murali. After making his debut in the film Chandra Chakori in 2003, he went on to star as the title character in Kanti the following year. For his work in that film, he was awarded the Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor the next year. He is connected to Prashant Neel, who is the most talked about filmmaker working in the Kannada film industry. The movie “Uggram” directed by Prashant Neel was the one that ended Sriimurali’s string of box office bombs.

Sriimurali Hits and Flops Movies List

Sriimurali has appeared in more than 20 feature films in a lead role and as a guest appearance. He is all set to appear in a super hero movie with the story written by director Prashant Neel once again in 2023. Below are the list of hits and flops in his career.

Sriimurali Hits and Flops Movies List

SL NO Movie Release Year Verdict
1 Chandra Chakori 2003 Super Hit
2 Kanti 2004 Super Hit
3 Yeshwanth
4 Siddu Flop
5 Shambu Average
6 Gopi 2006 Flop
7 Preethigaagi 2007 Flop
8 Minchina Ota 2008 Flop
9 Shivamani
10 Yagna Flop
11 Sihigali
12 Sri Harikathe Average
13 Hare Rama Hare Krishna 2011 Flop
14 Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri 2012 Flop
15 Loosegalu 2013 Flop
16 Ugramm 2014 Blockbuster
17 Muraari
18 Rathavara Hit
19 Mufti 2017 Blockbuster
20 Bharaate 2019 Hit
21 Madhagaja 2021 Hit

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