Anthahpuram (ETV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Anthahpuram (ETV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More: This Telugu show is called The Anthapuram. A girl’s narrative is what really draws you in. Men and women both play vital roles in society. A girl child has the potential to achieve any goal she sets for herself.


We’ve come a long way in the 21st century, but social thought hasn’t evolved to match our progress. The most-watched show on ETV is the Anthapuram series. Because the show is based on a completely original idea, it is attracting more and more viewers with each passing episode.

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Anthahpuram (ETV)

This Anthapuram was one of the most popular serials of its era thanks to its captivating plot and the immortal Anthapuram title tune. The Anthapuram shows the struggle of the heroine. The history of Anthapuram and the mindset of its residents are also depicted. One’s social maturation is influenced by their surrounding culture. Good, since otherwise things could take an unforeseen turn for the worse.

Anthahpuram Cast

Pavithra Nadh

Anthahpuram Cast

Maharshi Raghava

Anthahpuram Cast


Anthahpuram Cast

Lavanya Lahari

Anthahpuram Cast


Anthahpuram Cast


Anthahpuram Cast

Anthahpuram Timings

The Anthapuram is broadcast daily at 3 p.m. All of the Anthapuram episodes are very well received by viewers. This is broadcast live from Monday through Friday on ETV. The ETV broadcasts a wide range of programs. Most of the show’s viewers are women. So, listen to it at home to learn about Anthapuram. As always, we wish you pleasure.

Channel Name ETV
Serial Timings 3.00 P.M (Monday- Friday)
Running Time 22 Minutes
Starting Date 2 March 2009
Language Telugu
Country India

Anthahpuram Story

 It is the narrative of a girl, Divya. She comes from a respectable middle-class background. Since her mother was unmarried when she was born, Divya does not have her father’s surname in official documents. The man who had a crush on her mother doesn’t want Divya as his daughter. The series’ main conflict arises from this situation. The cast of Anthapuram consisted of a lot of outstanding people, and you may learn more about them over on the side. Divya is determined to discover her true identity.

Putting herself in a position of authority is one of her top goals. In this case, Divya acts as a surrogate mother. The Zamindari family adopts her as their mother. Having a surrogate mother made her the de facto head of the household. Using her daughter as a pawn, she schemes to get control of the Zamindari estate so that she can utilize it for personal gain. Divya’s daughter has multiple personalities. She appears to be a character with multiple identities. She is taking full use of her disorder. Each and every argument will excite your sense of drama. The depiction of a girl’s struggle makes the serial interesting to watch. You’ll learn about the struggles women face in today’s male-dominated culture and the triumphs of the Divya against overwhelming circumstances.

Serial Name Anthapuram
Genre Soap opera
Starting Date 2 March 2009
End Date 8 November 2014
No.of Episodes 1,755
Timings Mon to Fri 3 pm
Run Time 22 min
Channel ETV
Language Telugu
Director Raghu Kapuganti
Producer NA
Production House Eenadu Television

The story’s central theme is the tension, pain, and isolation felt by the Jamindari families who live on the other side of Anthahpuram’s walls. The protagonist, who is having a hard time keeping her footing, engages in a property dispute with her daughter-in-law. Making use of her daughter-in-split-law’s personality problem, the murder plot is encouraged.

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