Kerala Govt OTT platform to promote small budget movies & short films

Kerala government to launch its own OTT platform to promote small budget movies & short films

Kerala Govt OTT platform: The State government of Kerala is planning to launch an Over The Top (OTT) platform of its own or or run one in collaboration with an already existing platform, to promote smaller films, Minister for Cultural Affairs Saji Cherian has said. The Government of Kerala is launching its own OTT platform for the release of Malayalam movies. The Government of Kerala aims to screen films through its own OTT platform from Onam 2021 onwards.

Kerala Govt OTT platform

Speaking at a Meet-the Press event organised by the Kerala Union of Working Journalists (KUWJ) and the Kesari Memorial Journalists’ Trust, Mr. Cherian said the government’s aim was to bring all kinds of films of artistic value to the people. This is the first time in India that a state government has initiated such a project like its own OTT platform. The Government of Kerala expects to spend around Rs 5 crore for its own OTT platform. KSFDC will submit the project report to the State Government. Once get approval, we can expect the launch of our own OTT platform in September 2021.

Kerala Govt OTT platform to promote small budget movies & short films

The Covid pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the Malayalam film industry and according to industry sources close to 100 films are ready for release, but are unable to be released and around Rs 800 crore is currently locked because of this. Now the government is looking at the possibility of starting an OTT platform on its own or rent out the services of an already existing platform. The proposal for an OTT platform project was made by the Kerala State Film Development Corporation (KSFDC) and we expect the aforementioned organization to submit a detailed report on their proposed plan as soon as possible. The project is expected to cost around 5 Crore Rupees and if approved, we expect a detailed project plan to be made by the same.

The OTT platforms are now used to buy movies from producers for a fixed fee. As per the current scenario, if the income from bagging a film for a certain amount does not exceed that amount, the owner of the OTT will incur a loss. Similarly, no matter how much revenue comes from selling a film for a certain amount, the producer does not get a share of it after releasing it on the OTT platform.

Promoting Small Films and Short Films

The State Government also plans to release many short films and feature films with low-to-medium budgets directly on the OTT platform. In this plan, the State Government doesn’t plan to buy the movie from the filmmakers and producers, instead opting to split the revenue earned between the OTT platform and the production house on a percentage basis. This will benefit both the OTT and the film producers, since most OTT streaming contracts will not allow the film producer to make any money after the streaming rights for the film has been bought.

Kerala Govt OTT platform Highlights

Now, the state government of Kerala is planning to launch its own Over The Top (OTT) platform or run one in collaboration with an existing platform, to promote smaller films.

  • Movies can also be released during the lockdown.
  • This OTT can help new Talents who are unable to release their movies
  • Great opportunity for Small budget movies an Short films
  • Even if the lockdown changes, released movies can still show movies after their theatrical releases.
  • It can display award-winning films that are difficult for theatres to obtain.
  • The producer and the OTT platform owner (KSFDC) can share profit and loss equally.
  • You can subscribe weekly, monthly and yearly by paying the prescribed fee online. Movies can be viewed any time from the day of release at the convenience of the audience and that is a great advantage.

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